Big image - Simon Jabour, Micron Security Products.

Micron Security Products reports it is ending a big financial year with a big promotion for CCTV solutions and Bosch Solution 2000 alarm panel kits.

“We are finishing a great financial year with a very competitive promotion on CCTV systems ideal for residential and small-medium commercial sites,” said Micron’s general manager, Simon Jabour. “This is the best promo we have done with CCTV – installers will be surprised with the value for money and performance of these CCTV kits.”

According to Jabour, along with strong demand for Bosch Solution panels, the Micron residential intercom range has “gone gang busters” since Micron’s latest Wi-Fi/IP product range was introduced last year. Meanwhile, increased demand for CCTV systems has also contributed to the strong overall result.

Micron Security Products has been a wholesaler to electronic security installers for 4 decades. Traditionally an intrusion system specialist, Micron is well known in the industry for its long-term distribution and support of Bosch Solution alarm panels. Along with an excellent product range, the investment in high levels of stock and a highly skilled tech support team have paid off over the years.

“Being able to provide product constantly and help installers while they’re on the job have helped us grow every year,” he said. “Apart from the Bosch Solution panel being a great product, I believe these are the reasons we are Bosch Security’s largest intrusion distributor in Australia. Every day we have installers requiring systems and parts in varying quantities, as well as various levels of tech support, quite often required at the drop of a hat.”

“In addition to the decades long-standing relationship with Bosch, Micron has diversified over the years by forming partnerships with leading international intercom and CCTV suppliers, the latter of which is a Micron-branded OEM solution. Having our own label allows us to be very competitive and still provide a quality product,” Jabour said.

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