Logan Hospital Project is a comprehensive expansion of existing facilities that requires a wide range of new systems, including electronic security solutions like CCTV, Access Control, Nursecall, PA, Alarms, as well as BMS.

One of Queensland’s largest ever hospital expansions, it will deliver a 48 per cent increase on the existing bed capacity, significantly increasing the size of the hospital to meet the needs of the community.

The total scope of works includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1. The supply, installation, and commissioning of the listed services and disciplines

a. Electrical services inclusive of infrastructure, systems, and sub-system electrical elements:

i. Generators and generator control and integration with existing systems
ii. Low Voltage electrical infrastructure, and structured systems
iii. Main Switchboards and Distribution Boards inclusive of Control equipment, metering, and integration
iv. Lighting, Lighting Controls, Emergency Lighting, and integration
v. Medical Services Panels
vi. Lightning Protection systems
vii. Photo Voltaic (PV) systems
viii. Building Management systems and integration

b. Communications services inclusive of infrastructure, systems, and sub-systems elements:

i. Wireless Access Points
ii. DECT
iii. DAS
iv. Optical Fibre Infrastructure and Structured cabling
v. Category 6A Structured cabling
vi. Communications Rooms Fitout
vii. MATV

c. Nurse Call services inclusive of infrastructure, systems, and sub-systems elements per the noted:

i. Head end equipment
ii. Annunciators
iii. Patient Entertainment
iv. Call Stations

d. Public Address systems

e. Audio Visual systems

f. Security services inclusive of infrastructure, systems, and subsystems elements:

i. Access Control
ii. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Surveillance System
iii. Detection and Duress and Mobile Duress
iv. Security LAN

g. Infrastructure support systems

All project specific elements to be delivered and commissioned in accordance with regulatory standards and project brief requirements, and the tender closes on July 14 – you can find out more here.