Brivo’s Snapshot facial recognition solution is designed to be 20x faster than conventional search technology in stand-alone video management systems.

By detecting the presence of faces and other human characteristics, Snapshot creates a permanent photo album that records the complete event-related visual setting, so customers don’t have to view entire video clips to research an event. Because the video analysis is performed within the Brivo Cloud, Snapshot doesn’t have the compute or storage limitations typical of on-premise video management systems and is compatible with any video stream.

“The inspiration for the feature was customers’ need for a simpler way to quickly obtain corroborating visual intelligence around access events,” says Steve Van Till, CEO and founder of Brivo. “As workplace usage patterns continue to change post-pandemic, we expect that employers and property managers will find these easily accessible visual records valuable for optimizing space utilization and the flow of people in general.”

Snapshot uses machine learning technology to detect the presence of people within an access-indexed video stream. After finding the video frame with the highest facial detection score around a specific event, it extracts and stores this single image along with the underlying video clip. This means that every situation of potential interest around entry points is already pre-analyzed, pre-indexed and immediately available when someone wants to see what happened.

Brivo Snapshot is now included with Professional and Enterprise Editions of Brivo Access, as well as Brivo Access Cam, Brivo’s camera-to-cloud video solution that connects video streams to access events. Alternatively, it can be purchased as a standalone add-on feature as part of the 4th generation Brivo Access platform. Until the end of the year, purchases of a new Brivo Access Cam subscription automatically include 3 months of Brivo Snapshot.