The European Space Agency is looking for a contractor to undertake required site security and automation systems for the second deep space antenna at Australian Longitude (NNO-3) at New Norcia Deep Space Ground Station at Yarawindah in Western Australia.

New Norcia Deep Space Ground Station is a facility owned by the European Space Agency, and currently operated under contractual terms by CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science. The facility is located on a 40.77ha site area, including one deep space antenna (a 35m dish), ancillary support buildings and workshops, and the operations and administration building. This antenna is designed for communicating with deep-space missions and provides support to spacecraft such as Mars Express, Bepi-Colombo and Gaia.

It is currently planned to erect a second deep space antenna on the same site. The procurement and installation of the antenna itself is not part of this tender. The proposed development under this tender will mainly cover the construction of a new power plant building and its ancillary systems (the power generation and distribution equipment itself and its installation is procured under a different contract) and all the associated site infrastructures.

The proposed development will comprise the implementation of the following major works:

– Building management system upgrade
– Access control and security system upgrade (CCTV, intrusion detection, fencing and gate)
– Fire detection and firefighting system upgrade
– Duress system upgrade
– External lighting extension
– Grounding and lightning protection system
– Public address system upgrade – power plant building construction
– Cable trenches, ducts and cable pits.

This tender closes on August 5 – contact Marc Roubert on [email protected] for more information.