Seagate Technology has deployed Genetec Security Center, Sipelia intercoms and Exos X 5U84 storage to secure its global campuses and regional offices.

The large-scale global deployment is anchored by the Genetec unified security platform and includes:

* Security Center
* Genetec Omnicast IP video management system (VMS) to manage more than 1150 cameras
* Genetec Synergis IP access control system to manage more than 22,000 cardholders
* Sipelia to manage communications between intercoms and security operation
* Seagate’s high-efficiency, high-performance Exos X 5U84 mass capacity storage system.

All sites are connected using the Genetec Security Center Federation feature to centralize monitoring, reporting and alarm management across the entire organization.

The solution enables Seagate to pull in up to 1.3 petabytes of high-definition video in a single disk enclosure from hundreds of cameras and other IoT devices without losing a single frame or data packet.

“Video, and especially multi-source, high-definition video, provides a stringent performance test for any storage solution,” says Ken Claffey, senior vice president and general manager of enterprise storage systems at Seagate.

“Likewise, the data availability expectation of a robust, unified security platform like Genetec Security Center is formidable. The sheer volume of high-definition video streams, frames and metadata coupled with increasingly long retention periods, represent one of the most challenging IT infrastructures to deploy.”