Optus Enterprise has launched the Optus IoTFlex platform in Australia, a secure access service for cellular IoT applications and solutions, created in partnership with cyber security specialist, Akamai Technologies.

IOTFlex contains a comprehensive list of security features designed to enable enterprise users to manage its internet of things (IOT) applications and devices on a self-service platform to improve efficiency, reduce time to market and operational costs. Optus IoTFlex builds on the strength of the Optus network and Akamai’s Intelligent Edge platform to provide secure Internet and VPN services for enterprise customers across multiple industries.

“Seamless connectivity is critical for organisations deploying IoT projects, and with the proliferation of IoT and 5G devices now available, security is paramount for enterprises,” said Deon Liebenberg of Optus Enterprise.

Optus IoTFlex provides enterprises visibility and control when managing their IoT devices, applications and data, and ensures security on the Optus network by working to eliminate exposure to cyberattacks on the public internet. As more IoT devices connect via the Optus NB-IOT, 4G & 5G network, Optus IoTFlex allows organisations to capture the evolution of 5G and Industry 4.0 in their digital transformations.

IOTFlex has many applications from healthcare devices, banking and finance, connected transport to smart cities, electronic security and automation solutions, remote operations technology and smart metering.

The partnership employs Akamai Security and Personalisation Services (SPS) Secure IOT suite and real time intelligence to keep IoT deployments safe and secure.