Advanced Mobile Lite Series is a 4G/LTE PERS locator equipped with Wi-Fi location tracking and incorporating fall detection distributed locally by FHD.

Leveraging industry-certified A-GPS and Wi-Fi technology, Mobile Lite has improved location accuracy especially when users are inside the buildings. In addition to GPS & Wi-Fi positioning technologies, Mobile Lite Series has built-in fall detection (Mobile Lite-R15/R18 only), providing comprehensive care for all seniors.

Mobile Lite-R8/R18 is able to have RF devices integrated such as emergency pendants and wrist transmitters. The lightweight, portable Mobile Lite goes beyond typical emergency response products by integrating both safety monitoring and telecare capabilities. There are also remote firmware upgrades, geofence alerts can be generated when the user leaves a defined safe area and there are automatic check-in reports.

The positional information can be accessed via Intelihealth’s online platform ‘My GPS Alert’ on web portal or smartphone app, offering proactive engagement to users and their caregivers. When there is a need, with raised guidance buttons and voice prompts, users can open 2-way voice communication immediately and learn the status of emergency reporting. Via the app, emails, or SMS messages, smartphones can be used to view the user’s location information.

RF frequencies supported include 919 MHz / 869 MHz (EN-300-220, Class 1) (Mobile Lite-R8/R18 only), SIM support includes 1.8V and 3V micro SIM cards, there’s a 3.7V, 800mAhr rechargeable battery delivering 64 hours of run-time, operating temperature is -10 to 45C and the units are 42mm x 23mm x 71mm in size.

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