Ava is holding an introductory seminar from 9-10am August 5 via Microsoft Teams with speakers including Nick Maxwell, Ava GM, UK/MEA & ANZ, and Ana Garcia, Ava systems engineer.

You’ll meet the Ava team, discover cloud video security market opportunities, learn about Ava’s open security ecosystem, see an Ava Aware solution demo, get a chance for Q&A and enjoy a live quiz with prizes to be won.

According to Ava distributor Sektor, Ava adds value by allowing you to investigate faster and increase efficiency, create proactive alerts with machine learning, streamline your business operations, benefit from Ava’s open security ecosystem and to make your existing CCTV cameras intelligent in the cloud.

“Ava Security delivers more than video surveillance,” said Sektor’s Jimmy Patel. “Open, scalable, secure, and easy to use, Ava brings full analytics from all cameras and operational insights to all new and existing video monitoring systems.

“The end-to-end Ava Cloud Video Security solution delivers proactive video security and operational insights and includes integrated video and audio analytics uniquely powered by machine learning algorithms, smart Cloud Connectors, and intelligent cloud security cameras.

“Ava Cloud Video Security can add intelligence to existing CCTV systems helping you to detect threats, humans or vehicles and raise alerts to respond in real-time – find out more by clicking here and we look forward to seeing you all August 5!”