Saab Australia Bringing OneView SMS to SAGE

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SAAB OneView for situational awareness in times of crisis
SAAB OneView for situational awareness in times of crisis

Saab Australia will be showcasing OneView, its award-winning intelligent security and surveillance systems at Security and Government Expo in Canberra on November 9 (pre-register here!). 

OneView is the most accurate security and information response system that’s simple to use and fully customisable. The solution is based on Saab’s battle-proven defence research, design and integration experience and Saab says it is the ultimate security solution for any at-risk volatile environment. 

“This a complete security solution dramatically improves the crisis response process with fast, accurate situational awareness; incident management and response using your own pre-programmed instructions; and integrated communications,” said Brett Bertram, business development manager, Saab Australia.

 “The point-and click interface is very fast and simple to use, so operators are able to remain calm and in control – be sure to get a demonstration of OneView at Security and Government Expo.” ♦