ICT Releases Half DIN Rail 8-Output Expander

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ICT Protege DIN Rail Network Extender
ICT Protege DIN Rail Network Extender

PROTEGE PRT-HPX8-DIN Half DIN Rail 8-Output expander from ICT provides the control of 8 high current Form C relay outputs to the Protege system, an advanced technology security product providing seamless and powerful integration of access, security and building automation.

The Output Expander provides extensive hardware advancements that allow flexible and structured control of lighting and HVAC systems and is designed for use with industry standard DIN Rail mounting.

Key Features:

* 8 Form C relays capable of switching resistive loads up to 5 Amps
* Compact two-tier half DIN rail module design
* High Performance 32 Bit processor
* Secure encrypted RS-485 module communications
* Online and remote upgradable firmware
* LED indicators to show the state of all onboard relays
* Ideal for connection in an electrical switch room to control signage, lighting and building 

Device power is supplied from a 12VDC input. Ultra low current requirements ensure cost effective power distribution. The compact two-tier half DIN Rail module design takes up less valuable real estate to provide more control in less space.

There’s a single RS-485 communication interface port used for all network communication functions and interconnects to other modules, upgradable firmware utilizing the latest flash technology and high-performance communication mediums, and the firmware can be updated using the ICT Loadit utility over the Protege system module network.

Operationally, the 8 multiple function outputs for use in any programmable output entry making it ideal for connection in an electrical switch room to control signage, lighting and building automation, and for address configuration using the address programming feature of the Protege system controller. Outputs can be configured to automatically turn on or resume their previous state when powered up or during a communication failure.

Distributor: ICT
Contact: 1800 428 111