Wisenet extraLUX 1080p Cameras From EOS Australia

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Wisenet extraLUX from EOS Australia
Wisenet extraLUX from EOS Australia

FOUR newly introduced models of the extraLUX series (XNB-6005, XND-6085, XNV-6085, and XNO-6085R) support a 2-megapixel resolution and featured with ½-inch CMOS sensor to enhance image quality for sharp and clear image monitoring. 

The XND-6085, XNV-6085, and XNO-6085R models have adopted the F0.94 lens with ½-inch sensor to provide clear coloured image monitoring even in extreme low-light environments. The sens-I technology was applied to the Wisenet 5 chipset to provide noise-free images without an after-image at any time.

The extraLUX series is a part of Wisenet X series which is specifically focused on extreme low light performance and extraLUX features all the strengths of the Wisenet X series as well.

These include 150dB WDR backlight compensation function, image stabilization function using a gyro sensor to provide shake-free, jitter-free images, and WiseStream II, bandwidth minimization technology developed by Hanwha Techwin, which can efficiently manage the storage capacity and reduce the network system cost.♦

Distributor: EOS Australia Pty Ltd
Contact: 02 9749 5888