Gallagher Releases New Command Centre v7.80

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Gallagher Command Centre v7.80
Gallagher Command Centre v7.80

GALLAGHER Command Centre v7.80 includes a range of features designed to enhance business efficiency, improve security and provide greater flexibility.

V7.80 delivers improvements to the ways C6000 controllers communicate - using better cryptographic measures, stronger verification between network devices, and self-generated authentication keys. Additional DHCP support has also been added, making it easier to manage devices across the network.

There also a locker management solution, which provides you with the tools to deploy an integrated locker management system. Designed to provide efficient use of locker space, it ensures that all areas are monitored, controlled, and managed as part of the greater system.

The new RESTful web service means software developers can now integrate select interfaces quickly with Command Centre, making both historic and live events available to other applications through this new interface. Where the phone hardware supports it, Android phones can now communicate with all T-Series readers via Near Field Communications (NFC) technology in place of Bluetooth low energy technology. This provides choice of technology and can speed up access read times.

Push notifications to mobile devices are now possible and messages are delivered without the app running, ensuring operators don’t miss important information. Integrations include Salto Space 4, Commend intercoms and Morpho Sigma Readers.

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