Smart cities: Hard to define, let alone implement.

This White Paper sets out to examine how the Internet of Things is markedly reshaping user engagement, defined here as a stakeholder’s response to some type of offering, such as, but not limited to, a product or a service.

It starts with a brief overview of the Internet of Things (IoT) and explores IoT applications with an end-user focus. Through the framework of user engagement within a Smart City, i.e., citizen engagement, it investigates a range of potential IoT applications and challenges for five key Smart City use cases: municipal services management, utilities, public safety, transportation, and healthcare.

We submit that the expression “Internet of Things” should not be taken literally; it is a metaphor that refers to a radical paradigmatic transformation, i.e., the interconnection of intelligent things, which is bound to bring about dramatic economic and social changes.

In the introduction, we highlight the complexity of the IoT value chain, made up of numerous moving parts, and the convergence of timely trends that have contributed to the current global attention on the Internet of Things.

The paper intends to answer four key questions:

1. What are the opportunities for, and limits of, Smart Cities and connected users/communities? 2. What data ownership and security issues are associated with IoT and how will they be addressed? 3. What will IoT business models look like and what would constitute “success”? 4. What possible roadmaps can lead to the IoT revolution becoming the IoT of the future?

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Georgia Tech Releases Smart Cities White Paper


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